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Hi, we are Peter and Monica of Umbrella Studio wedding photography Surrey and we would like to thank you for visiting our Surrey wedding photographer website. We are the team of two photographers who started photographing weddings in 2009. Since then, we have photographed over 150 weddings and every of them was a pure adventure. Our style is a mixture of photojournalism and creative use of light. Whenever we photograph a wedding, no matter if it is an English, Jewish, Sikh or Indian we keep in mind that in the 15 years time when all the memories have faded away, you will open the album we have created for you, browse through its pages and relive all these moments again. All the emotions and thoughts will come back to you. This is what we keep in mind and this is what is most important for us when we create our images. We would love to tell your story in a natural but at the same interesting way. We seek for powerful moments, emotions and beauty. We truly believe that the ultimate thing is the photography, and that true emotions frozen in your wedding images will stay with you forever. We love all these little moments which make your wedding so special and makes you smile. We observe we learn, we create. We cover London, Surrey and West Sussex and beyond.



Our aim as wedding photographers is to be quiet observers, to report what we saw in a creative and imaginative way. We would describe our style as photojournalism with a hint of creativity during the photo shoot. We do not stage, prompt or change the situation but rather try to capture it as it’s best. We are passionate about shooting in the lovely natural light, but we also love to use different sources of light in a creative way. We do not afraid to leave our comfort zone and go the extra mile to create something unique – the image that will be remembered by you and us.


Wedding photography has changed a lot in recent years. Whether you love a film look, documentary style or maybe you just fell in love with the detailed and contrast look you need to choose the right Surrey wedding photographer, with the style you really love. There should be no compromise in that matter. Period! Your wedding deserves to be shown in a way that you will love and appreciate forever. Choosing and knowing your favourite style is most important. This is why we can not stress enough how crucial it is to see the real weddings shot by your photographer, not just the portfolio.


Photography for us is basically a magic of moment and light. Like every Surrey wedding photographer, we are fascinated by people’s emotions. We always compose and create our images in a way, that ensure they are fresh and in a unique style. We wish that thanks to our wedding photography Surrey you will see all things, details and events that you may have missed in a rush of the wedding day. We have full consciousness of how fragile these moments are. That is why you can expect a discreet reportage approach in intimate moments and full commitment during a portrait session.

When we were creating this site, we have kept in mind, that you will be looking for wedding photographer London and Surrey wedding photographer. If you made a decision that our style suits your vision, contact us. We would love to capture your story. We love to make beautiful wedding photography Surrey and to capture the bride and groom at their most happy and engaged. If you looking for something that is high quality and unique, then we would love to be your wedding photographers. We are looking forward to taking images that will capture your wedding at its best.

wedding photography Surrey

Over the years we have photographed over 150 weddings in different countries. We would like to share some of our favourite images with you.

Surrey wedding photographer

We have prepared few different collections of a wedding photographer coverage to suit your every need. Simple and clear pricing.


Best wedding photography is worth nothing if it is not presented in a beautiful album. We offer a variety of fantastic looking albums.

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