About us

About us – We are proud members of such prestigious associations as WPJA, AGWPJA and Fearless Photographers and Junebug for the professional wedding photographer. Frequently published in various wedding magazines. Winners of many prestigious awards for professional wedding photographers.

Who are we?

We are a couple, who found it’s way through life thanks to wedding photography. Opportunities to capture the most beautiful moments in people’s lives has given us unspoken joy. Photography, and especially wedding photography was always present in our lives, but for almost a decade is also our professional career, which we really appreciate and enjoy. Every good picture, every happy couple is a source of joy for both of us.

Being a photographer is not an easy profession – due to technical issues which arise during photographing weddings, but also because of the high level of creativity necessary to produce something unique on each and every wedding. We are always focused on emotions which fulfil the wedding day to catch the most wonderful moments of joy and happiness. Our constant development, equipment and skill level allows us to be sure that the as professional wedding photographers we can deliver a very high level of artistry and consistency with our unique style. When someone asks us why we chose to work as the professional wedding photographers, we always reply that the photography has chosen us. The temptation of capturing emotions and beauty in a small rectangular frame is something that we couldn’t resist.

We always try to create something completely fresh and unique for our customers. We feel very inspired by new venues and locations. We love to work in new places and for people from different backgrounds.

We work mostly in London, Surrey and West Sussex but we are happy to travel, so don’t feel intimidated if you live in a different part of UK.

Monika Umbrella Studio Wedding Photographer
Peter Umbrella Studio Wedding Photographer
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Awards we have been honoured with:

  • The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Photographers 2016

  • Fearless Photographers Contest Awards

  • AGWPJA Awards

  • WPJA Wedding Photography Contest

  • Picture of the day on the Wedding Community Blog

  • Picture of the day on the Moment Junkie Blog.

  • Picture of the day on the Junebug Weddings