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The Indian wedding is an exceptional experience for the Indian wedding photographer. Every frame is filled with colours and emotions. We had the exceptional opportunity to photograph the beautiful, 5-day Indian wedding of Rahul and Aakrati. We were surrounded by the fantastic people and the vibrant colours. Because the wedding was almost 5 days, we had plenty of occasions to photograph the beautiful details. The Indian brides love to wear the jewellery and put lots of it during the traditional Indian wedding ceremony, what is very interesting for the wedding photographer.

We are always amazed by what is going on Mehendi ceremony. The fantastic art of painting a body with henna always blows our minds. The brides usually paint their hands and feet. This is a form of prayer for the good luck for newlyweds.

Another part we love is a Batna ceremony. It is a ritual during which the groom/bride are covered with the turmeric and the mustard oil. We and the wedding guests had lots of fun witnessing this moment. Another very exciting moment was the arrival of the groom on the white horse. The whole wedding party was following him dancing and chanting. Although Indian wedding of Rahul and Aak took 4 days we were simply amazed by every day. The bride was wearing different, unique dress every day and every day was rich in different, very interesting events. The food was just outstanding, including our favourite curries of all types, Frutti di mare and wonderful pizzas made in the garden. All the ceremonies were very family orientated and all the people were really close to each other.

It was an unforgettable wedding full of emotions and colours and although it was raining we had an impression that really nothing could spoil the good mood of the bride and groom. Every Indian wedding photographer would dream about photographing of the Aak and Rahul. They were absolutely outstanding – we have even managed to do the 5 min of portrait session in the rain. Recording of this wedding was a pure pleasure for us.
Aak and Rahul we would like to say big thank you for allowing us to record your precious day. Photographing you and your lovely families was a real pleasure and your wedding was really outstanding.

Some information from the Indian wedding photographer regarding our gear:

Throughout the wedding, we have used Nikon FX cameras: the d3s, d700 and 3 brand new d750 bodies (our new favourites).

For the details, we have used our Nikkor 85 mm f1.8 with the Raynox DCR-250 macro adapter.

The new light and razor sharp Nikkor 24-120 f4 become our new workhorse lens and we love it combined with d750 body.

For the portrait session, we used our trusty Ice Light from Westcott.


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