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Hi, we are Peter and Monika – the Umbrella Studio team

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We are wedding photographers based on the border of Surrey and Hampshire – husband and wife who are passionate about photography. We started photographing weddings in 2009 and for this day, we simply love it. As a couple, we share the same passion for timeless wedding photography. Opportunities to capture the most beautiful moments in people’s lives are giving us true joy. Photography, and especially wedding photography was always present in our lives, but for over a decade is also been our professional career, which we really enjoy. 

Every good picture, and every happy couple is a source of joy for both of us. We are always focused on emotions which fulfill the wedding day to catch the most wonderful moments of joy and happiness. Our constant development, investing in latest and greates equipment, as well as skill level allow us to be sure that as professional wedding photographers we can deliver a very high level of service and consistency with our unique style. 

When someone asks us why we have chosen to be professional wedding photographers, we always have one answer – the temptation of capturing emotions and beauty in a small rectangular frame is something that we couldn’t resist. We always try to create something completely fresh and unique for our customers. We feel very inspired by new venues and locations. We love to work in new places and for people from different backgrounds.

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A little bit about us...

Photography is an expensive investment, so we want you to know a little about us and our story before you decide. We have been married since 2001, which although now in distant past was very special for us, not only because we got married on the beginning of the year, but also because our lovely daughter was born at the end of it. Originally from little, but 1000 years old town close to Cracow, Poland we have moved to UK in 2014. At the beginning, we only planned to stay with our friends for a while to see the London and bits of the country, but the fate pushed us in different direction and we have decided to stay in UK. This is how our story as wedding photographers Surrey have started.

We both had the privilege to work in a wide variety of jobs, but our underlying passion that we brought with us was photographing weddings. As we started our photography business back home in 2009 our wedding couples was mostly english speaking, who visited Cracow, fell in love with it and wanted to get married in this romantic city. We have met and befriend dozens of great couples from London and Surrey area back in Poland, who by  word of mouth helped us to start wedding photography business in the UK. Since 2014, we have photographed at least 150 weddings across Surrey, Hampshire and of course London for couples from different backgrounds and cultures.

One of our gratest life regrets is not investing in a great wedding photographer. It was a different times and we were just poor students, so we asked a friend, who tried really hard. But after these years we would love to have some better keepsake. Having this in mind we always commit 100% of ourselves during the wedding day to create images, which will capture the mood of the day, emotions and love and put together will be the complete story of your wedding day, which will stay with you forever. Our dedication and passion resulted in many international and prestigious awards, but we value them much less than the opinions of our customers.  

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It is not necessary but it is useful in some cases. We always check the venue online, but if it is possible to meet in the venue it could help us understand your vision of the wedding photography surrey and find nice locations for a photo shoot and group shots.

We start by photographing the bride’s preparations and we usually finish after the first dance and cake cutting.

The best time for the wedding photography session is when it is still bright. We love to shoot when it is sunny, but we can create some nice pictures even on a cloudy day. The best time for the photo session is after the group shots and most certainly during cocktail hour.

In order to save the date for you, we will need the signed contract and the deposit, which is 20% of the chosen collection.

The sneak peek is usually ready in the week after the wedding. All the pictures will be ready up to 6 weeks from the wedding day. It takes us this long because we post-process all the images. The album will be ready up to 8 weeks from the date that you have approved the project.

It is totally up to you. We can do it ourselves, making sure that your album will look in the best possible way. You can also do it yourself choosing pictures that will be 100% according to your preference.

Of course, you will receive all good, unique images. All high-resolution jpg files are going to be sent to your personalised gallery, from which you can download them or order prints.

Photography has always been present in our lives, but since we photographed our first wedding it has become our job and a great passion. Since then we have photographed over 250 weddings in UK, Poland, Italy and throughout Europe. Although we work mainly as wedding photographers in Surrey and London, we also cover West Sussex, Hampshire, and Middlesex without any additional cost. As Surrey wedding photographers, we take unposed, natural photos, but also love to be creative and play with the light to compose unique portraits that will amaze your friends and family. Thanks to the fact, that we always work together and have two different approaches our wedding images are different from many others on the market. Working together brings in a much broader perspective. We know that for most of the newlyweds, the wedding day is the first time they have worked with the photographer and it is a very stressful experience, so for us, the most important thing is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      More frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) 

  1. How do I choose the right wedding photographer for my wedding? Umbrella Studio offers a mixture of various photography styles. Browse through our work and read client testimonials to ensure you’re making the right choice.
  2. What is the average cost of wedding photography at Umbrella Studio? Umbrella Studio provides different wedding photography packages to suit your budget. Visit our pricing page or contact us for a custom quote based on your specific requirements.
  3. How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer with Umbrella Studio? It’s recommended to book at least 6-12 months in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons, to secure Umbrella Studio. But never fail to ask for our availability, as we always have some odd dates available and you might be in luck.
  4. What photography styles does Umbrella Studio offer for weddings? Umbrella Studio offers a unique mixture of photography styles, including elements of a discreet photojournalistic approach during the wedding day and fine art portraiture during the photo shoot.
  5. How many hours of coverage do I need from Umbrella Studio for my wedding? Umbrella Studio’s wedding packages typically offer full-day coverage to capture all the important moments, from getting ready to the reception. However, you can discuss your specific needs with us to tailor the coverage to your wedding timeline.
  6. Can I provide a shot list or specific photo requests to my Umbrella Studio wedding photographer? Yes, Umbrella Studio encourages open communication and welcomes your input to ensure all your desired shots and moments are captured.
  7. How many photographers do I need for my wedding with Umbrella Studio? Depending on the size and scale of your wedding, Umbrella Studio can provide one or two photographers to ensure every moment is captured. As a rule, we always work together, but in some circumstances (very small weddings, registry office limitations) we offer 1 photographer and a discount on the package. Discuss your wedding details with the team to determine the best option for your needs.
  8. Does Umbrella Studio offer engagement photo sessions? Yes, Umbrella Studio offers engagement photo sessions, allowing you to work with the photographer before the wedding and capture beautiful pre-wedding memories.
  9. What should I wear for my engagement photo session with Umbrella Studio? Wear comfortable clothing that reflects your personality and coordinates with your partner’s attire. Umbrella Studio can provide guidance on wardrobe choices to help you look your best.
  10. How long does it take to receive the edited wedding photos from Umbrella Studio? Umbrella Studio typically delivers edited wedding photos within 6-8 weeks, ensuring that every image receives the necessary attention and quality editing. We will send the sneak peek in the week after the wedding, so you can share some initial best shots with your friends and family.
  11. Will I receive digital copies of all my wedding photos from Umbrella Studio? Yes, Umbrella Studio provides digital copies of your edited wedding photos, allowing you to easily share and print your images.
  12. Does Umbrella Studio provide wedding albums or prints? Umbrella Studio offers a variety of high-quality wedding albums and print options that you can add to your photography package, ensuring your memories are beautifully preserved for years to come.
  13. How do I secure my wedding date with Umbrella Studio? To secure your wedding date with Umbrella Studio, you’ll need to sign a contract and pay a deposit. Contact the team to discuss availability and start the booking process.
  14. Can Umbrella Studio accommodate special requests or unique wedding themes? Yes, Umbrella Studio is experienced in working with diverse wedding themes and is happy to accommodate special requests to capture your wedding’s unique essence.
  15. Does Umbrella Studio provide a backup photographer in case of emergencies? Umbrella Studio is 2 wedding photographers – Monika and Peter, but also has a network of professional photographers and will make every effort to provide a backup photographer in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  16. Is Umbrella Studio insured? Yes, Umbrella Studio’s photographers carry professional liability and indemnity insurance, ensuring peace of mind for your big day.
  17. Will Umbrella Studio provide a sneak peek of our wedding photos? Umbrella Studio often shares a few sneak peek images on our social media or blog within a week or two after the wedding, giving you a glimpse of your beautiful day.
  18. What if it rains on our wedding day? How will Umbrella Studio handle the photography? Umbrella Studio photographers are skilled in working under various weather conditions and will adapt our approach to capturing stunning images, regardless of rain or other challenges.
  19. Can Umbrella Studio assist in creating a wedding day photography timeline? Yes, Umbrella Studio’s photographers can help you create a timeline, ensuring ample time for all desired photos and a smooth flow of events.
  20. How will Umbrella Studio handle difficult lighting situations, such as low-light receptions? Umbrella Studio photographers are skilled in handling various lighting situations and will use professional equipment and techniques to ensure beautifully lit images.
  21. Do Umbrella Studio photographers travel for destination weddings? Yes, Umbrella Studio photographers are available for destination weddings. We have shoot weddings in Italy, Germany and Poland. Contact us to discuss travel arrangements and pricing.
  22. Can we meet our Umbrella Studio wedding photographer before the wedding? Yes, Umbrella Studio encourages consultations and meetings before the wedding to establish rapport and discuss your expectations and vision.
  23. Are there any additional fees for travel or accommodation for Umbrella Studio photographers? Depending on the location of your wedding, there may be additional travel or accommodation fees. We don’t charge any additional travel costs for weddings in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. Discuss the specifics with Umbrella Studio to determine any extra costs.
  24. Can we request specific editing styles for our wedding photos from Umbrella Studio? Umbrella Studio aims to provide a consistent editing style that reflects our brand, but we are open to discussing any specific editing preferences you may have.
  25. How can we make the most of our wedding photography experience with Umbrella Studio? Open communication, trust, and collaboration with your Umbrella Studio photographer are essential. Share your ideas, preferences, and any concerns to ensure a seamless and enjoyable photography experience.
  26. What is the process for selecting images for our wedding album with Umbrella Studio? Umbrella Studio provides an online gallery of your edited images, where you can select your favourite photos for inclusion in your wedding album.
  27. Can we order additional prints or albums for family members from Umbrella Studio? Yes, Umbrella Studio offers a variety of print and album options that you can order for yourself or as gifts for family members.
  28. Will Umbrella Studio provide guidance on posing and natural-looking photos? Umbrella Studio photographers are skilled in directing couples to achieve natural, candid, and flattering images. We don’t pose our couples, but we verbally communicate with them what they should do next to achieve the best look. Usually, it is something like “Walk towards us guys and look at each other”.
  29. Can we see a full wedding gallery from Umbrella Studio before we book? Yes, Umbrella Studio can provide a full wedding gallery to showcase our work and help you make an informed decision.
  30. How do we communicate any last-minute changes or updates to Umbrella Studio? Umbrella Studio encourages open communication and can be reached via phone, email, or text to discuss any last-minute changes or updates.
  31. Can Umbrella Studio help with recommendations for other wedding vendors? Yes, Umbrella Studio has worked with many vendors and can provide recommendations for florists, planners, caterers, and other professionals to enhance your wedding experience.
  32. Will Umbrella Studio provide images for our “Save the Date” cards or wedding invitations? If you’ve had an engagement session with Umbrella Studio, you can use those images for your “Save the Date” cards or wedding invitations. We can also provide high-resolution files for printing purposes.
  33. Do Umbrella Studio photographers have experience with different cultural wedding traditions? Umbrella Studio photographers have experience capturing various cultural wedding traditions like English, Scottish, Jewish, African, Caribbean, Punjabi, Sikh, Polish and many, many others. We are dedicated to respectfully and beautifully documenting your unique celebration.
  34. Can we extend the coverage time on our wedding day with Umbrella Studio? You can discuss extending coverage time with your Umbrella Studio photographer, although additional fees may apply.
  35. How do we handle meal arrangements for our Umbrella Studio photographer during the wedding? It’s customary to provide a meal for your photographer during the reception. Discuss any specific arrangements or dietary requirements with Umbrella Studio in advance.
  36. What information should we provide Umbrella Studio before the wedding day? Share your wedding day timeline, desired shot list, family dynamics, venue details, and any special requests or unique aspects of your celebration to ensure a smooth photography experience. We will send you our wedding survey which contains all these details up to 4 weeks before your wedding date.
  37. Does Umbrella Studio offer videography services in addition to photography? Umbrella Studio primarily focuses on wedding photography, but you can discuss your specific needs with the team and we may recommend videographers we worked with in the past.
  38. Can we share our Umbrella Studio wedding photos on social media? Yes, you’re encouraged to share your wedding photos on social media. Be sure to credit Umbrella Studio and use our preferred hashtags when sharing your images.
  39. Will Umbrella Studio help us choose locations for our engagement or wedding photos? Yes, Umbrella Studio photographers can provide recommendations for beautiful and meaningful locations in Surrey, London and Hampshire for your engagement or wedding photos based on your preferences and experience.
  40. How can we ensure efficient group and family photos on our wedding day with Umbrella Studio? Provide a list of desired groupings and assign a family member or friend to help gather the necessary individuals to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  41. Will our Umbrella Studio photographer scout the wedding venue beforehand? Umbrella Studio photographers typically scout the venue before the wedding to identify the best locations for photos and plan our shots accordingly.
  42. How does Umbrella Studio handle image backups and storage? Umbrella Studio takes the responsibility of backing up and storing your images seriously. We use multiple storage methods, including cloud storage, to ensure your images are safe.
  43. Can we meet with Umbrella Studio after the wedding to discuss album design and prints? Yes, Umbrella Studio is available for post-wedding consultations to help you select images, design your album, and choose any additional prints.
  44. How long will Umbrella Studio store our wedding images? Umbrella Studio typically stores your wedding images for at least one year, but it’s recommended to download and store your images in multiple locations for safekeeping.
  45. What is the payment schedule for Umbrella Studio’s wedding photography services? A deposit is required to secure your booking, with the remaining balance typically due 4 weeks before your wedding day. Discuss the specific payment schedule with Umbrella Studio when booking.
  46. Can we create a custom wedding photography package with Umbrella Studio? Yes, Umbrella Studio is open to customizing a photography package that fits your specific needs and budget. Discuss your requirements with the team to create the perfect package for your wedding.
  47. Does Umbrella Studio offer any discounts or promotions for wedding photography? Umbrella Studio may offer seasonal promotions or discounts. It’s best to contact them directly to inquire about any current or upcoming offers.
  48. How do we handle copyright and usage rights for our wedding photos with Umbrella Studio? Umbrella Studio provides a usage license that allows you to print and share your images for personal use. However, the copyright remains with the photographer. If you have specific usage requests, discuss them with Umbrella Studio.
  49. What is Umbrella Studio’s cancellation or rescheduling policy for wedding photography? Umbrella Studio’s cancellation and rescheduling policies are outlined in our contract. It’s essential to review these terms and discuss any concerns with the team to ensure a clear understanding of our policies.