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Discover the Best Wedding Photography Services in Surrey

The Umbrella Studio Photography, based in Surrey, offers bespoke photographic services for weddings.

Two experienced photographers will capture the special moments of your big day to last a lifetime.

Umbrella Studio, based in Surrey, is a distinguished wedding photography studio that combines technical proficiency and creative acumen to record beautiful, meaningful memories of their client's special day. With years of experience and an avid enthusiasm for capturing the emotion of weddings, Umbrella Studio is your perfect pick for encapsulating the most momentous day of your life.

Preserving the enchanting moments of your nuptials is of utmost importance. Our team is dedicated to immortalizing the beauty and joy of your special day. We strive to give you beautiful, timeless images that encapsulate the tender emotion of your wedding ceremony.

Umbrella Studio has a knack for recording the mood of a wedding event, from the joy and emotion of the newlyweds to the chuckles and tears of those close to them. No matter the setting, they know how to make each picture perfect, highlighting all that is beautiful around them.

Having a great eye for detail can be an invaluable trait in many situations. It is essential to have the ability to pick up on small details in order to make sure that everything is functioning correctly and efficiently. This special talent can give you the edge in any situation where accuracy is key.

Umbrella Studio stands out in wedding photography due to its keen attention to detail. Whether it's the intricate pleats of a bridal gown or the glint of a diamond, no small part goes unnoticed. With their technical expertise as well, each photo is expertly lit and composed for timeless, beautiful results.

We strive to maintain a creative vision, with innovative ideas and approaches which will help keep our organisation ahead of the competition. Our ambition is to be consistently at the forefront of modern ideas and trends, pushing ourselves and others to reach ever higher standards.

Umbrella Studio is a cut above when it comes to wedding photography. Thanks to their technical expertise as well as creative vision, they always manage to capture the emotions of the day in inventive and beautiful ways - from joyous couples on the dance floor to vibrant family portraits.

Our award-winning catering company can provide you with the perfect catering solution for your wedding. We offer a wide selection of delectable dishes that are sure to please your guests. Our experienced team will work with you to craft the ideal menu, one that reflects the style and theme of your special day.

At Umbrella Studio, our team of highly experienced professionals with their technical expertise and creative vision will work with you to create perfect wedding images. With us, couples can be sure to cherish the memories of their special day forever. So if you're getting married in Surrey and searching for a photographer to help capture your wonderful occasion then we are the ideal choice for you.


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