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Welcome to Umbrella Studio, where we specialise in capturing the essence of your wedding day with elegance and emotional depth. As a Basingstoke photographers we are dedicated to turning your special moments into cherished, lasting memories.

Best Basingstoke Wedding Photographers: Your Dream Album Awaits

Capturing Timeless Elegance in Basingstoke

Your Special Day Through a Professional Lens

Prepare to relive your wedding day’s splendour, as captured through the professional prowess of Basingstoke’s finest photographers.

Relive the Splendour of Your Wedding Day Through a Lens of Peter and Monika - the Umbrella Studio Team

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Experience the splendour of your special day anew through the lenses of Basingstoke’s top photographers – Peter and Monika at Umbrella Studio. We focus on the latest trends and styles, ensuring that every detail from the lace of your gown to the joyous celebration is beautifully captured. We are dedicated to immortalising the fine lace of your gown, the emotion in your partner’s eyes, and the joyful spirit that dances through the air. We offer top-notch wedding photography services, that transform your precious moments into eternal memories that echo romance and happiness, ensuring your special day perseveres in gorgeous imagery tailored by our expertise honed in the demanding wedding industry.

The Art of Creating Everlasting Memories

Creating everlasting memories is an art form where photographers weave the essence of your wedding day into a story that stands the test of time. We craft each album with a personalised touch to ensure that it represents your unique romance and joy. Your wedding album is not just a collection of pictures; it’s a treasure trove that encapsulates your special day with a blend of stylish portraits and candid, documentary style photos. It’s the first chapter of your family’s legacy, a bespoke heirloom that will keep your stories alive for generations. Furthermore, embracing the trend of wedding imagery that tells a narrative, some cherished moments are captured spontaneously and authentically.


Discover the Enchantment of Basingstoke Weddings

Explore the unique charm of weddings in picturesque Hampshire, Berkshire, and Surrey through our photography. Visit our Wedding Venues Page to see how we capture the essence of these stunning locations.There’s a distinct allure to weddings in the picturesque settings of Hampshire and as Basingstoke photographers we are adept at capturing this enchantment. From the tranquil chapels nestled in the serene Hampshire countryside to the grand country house estates across Berkshire and the well-manicured gardens of Surrey venues, we encapsulate the enchanting ambience enveloping your celebration. Our approach is meticulous, focusing on the love, laughter, and even the smallest details that contribute to the singularity of your special day. Whether it’s the amazing bride’s bouquet, the elaborately set tables, or the fleeting exchanges between guests, every moment is caught with precision and care.

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Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Umbrella Studio on our Testimonials Page. Discover why couples like Ann and Martin, and Edyta and Julien chose us for their special days.

The Photography Experience

Celebrating Engagements with Flair

Embrace the excitement of your upcoming wedding with an engagement session that celebrates your story with flair! Umbrella Studio Photographers in Basingstoke offer a stunning canvas of countryside backdrops and cosy village charm for truly one-of-a-kind engagement photos. Extending our services to the south of England, as photographers we also capture your love amidst historic walls and ocean vistas. Let your personalities shine through each shot—whether it’s a sweet embrace amidst the blooming daffodils a playful dance on a rustic farm, or even an intimate moment captured during a breezy Basingstoke engagement shoot—our images will reflect your journey most delightfully.

Customisable Engagement Photography Options

Celebrate the uniqueness of your bond with customisable engagement photography options tailored to reflect your individual love story. Whether you prefer the allure of nature or the architecture of the urban landscape, Umbrella Studio photographers in Basingstoke will work with you to create a session that truly encapsulates your relationship. We offer flexibility in locations and styles to ensure your engagement photos are as one-of-a-kind as your journey together. Let us craft a visual narrative of your engagement with sessions that reflect your unique relationship. Learn more about the wedding day challenges by downloading our Free Bride Guide.

Wedding Photography That Tells Your Story

The beauty of wedding photography lies in its ability to narrate your unique love story. Through the lens of Basingstoke photographers, your day is photographed in a documentry style, where we are just a humble observants of the wedding day. We adopted a fly-on-the-wall approach to make sure that you and your loved ones are perfectly comfortable and show your true emotions. Not directed and not prompted we capture the moments as they unfold while giving you and your loved ones tips and some directions during the portrait session and group photos. As you flip through our photographic tales, you’ll find each one tells a heartwarming story of the couple featured.

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The Photography Experience

A Blend of Candid and Directed Perfection

The essence of the photography experience in Basingstoke lies in the seamless blend of candid moments and elegant portraits. Monika and Peter as wedding photographers master the balance of being unobtrusive yet ever-present to catch those unscripted, whimsical interactions, as well as the more posed occasions that honour tradition. With the serene Hampshire and Berkshire countryside within reach, your wedding album could feature natural, heartfelt captures with a stunning country mansion wedding backdrop, marrying the rustic charm with cherished traditions. Our expertise ensures that both the spontaneous bouts of laughter and the classic group shots exude authenticity and grace, whether they’re set in a quaint local church or as part of a destination wedding journey across Europe.

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Expertise in Every Click

As Basingstoke Wedding Photographers we have shoot over 300 weddings in different locations, including abroad. Every click of the camera is steeped in expertise, reflecting a deep understanding of lighting, composition, and emotion. We are serving clients in different locations – from the bustling cityscapes of London to the serene coastal wedding locations. Our experience with different venues and lighting scenarios bring level of professionalism which ensures that not only each individdual photo is visually stunning, but it also encapsulates the essence of the moment captured. Our customers trust our meticulous eye for detail and skilled hand to turn each second of their wedding day into a beautifully framed, high-quality memory.

Portfolio Highlights

Browse Through Wedding Moments

Step into a visual narrative of love and commitment as you browse through the exquisite moments of matrimony captured by Basingstoke photographers. Their portfolios are brimming with the first kiss as a married couple, heartfelt vows, and celebratory toasts. Delight in the splendour of these collections that serve as a testament to their ability to capture the magic and romance of your most cherished day.
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Packages Tailored for You

Comprehensive Wedding Coverage

When you choose a wedding photography package in Basingstoke, rest assured that comprehensive coverage means not a single special moment is missed. Ensuring the availability of cherished memories, photographers remain dedicated to capturing your day in its entirety. From the early morning preparations to the late-night festivities, their commitment enhances your wedding experience by capturing every candid moment. With packages designed to fit the uniqueness of your celebration, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand affair, they guarantee that your memories are captured beautifully and completely.

COLLECTION 1 (up to 5 hrs)

What is included:

1200 GBP

COLLECTION 2 (up to 10 hrs)

What is included:

1600 GBP

Why Choose Us?

Award-Winning Documentary Style

Enjoy the artistry of award-winning documentary style photography, where every candid smile and teary-eyed toast is captured with authenticity and narrative flair. H3: Award-Winning Documentary Style

Enjoy the artistry of award-winning documentary style photography, where every candid smile and teary-eyed toast is captured with authenticity and narrative flair. As Basingstoke photographers, known for their unobtrusive approach to wedding events, they ensure that your special day unfolds naturally while they craft a visual story that’s as real as it is enchanting. Having photographed wedding events across Hampshire and beyond, their documentary style photos not only capture the essence of your joyous occasion but also tell the unique love story embedded in every look and touch. It’s this commitment to genuine storytelling that has garnered international accolades, setting them apart as true artisans of wedding photography.

see all of our wedding photography awards here: awards

Personalised Approach to Your Big Day

Your wedding day deserves the utmost attention to detail, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive with a personalized approach from Basingstoke photographers. They take the time to get to know you, your visions, and your quirks, ensuring that the photography on your big day feels like a natural extension of your relationship. Your aspirations shape their strategy, crafting a unique experience that’s as individual as your love story.

Make Your Booking

Secure Your Date with Us

Don’t let your special date slip away! With just a simple deposit, you can secure a Basingstoke photographer to ensure that your wedding day is beautifully captured. With the convenience of electronic mail communication, confirming your date is easier than ever. Simply send an email to to get started. By booking in advance, you can tick one more thing off your planning list and rest easy knowing that an experienced photographer is reserved for your day. If you have any questions or need more info, remember there is no such thing as a daft question, and I’m here to guide you through this process via email, phone, or social media. Secure your date and look forward to a collection of photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Please use our straightforward online booking system or send us an email to ensure your booking, and enjoy smooth and easy communication every step of the way.

Connect for a Personal Consultation

Take the first step towards your dream wedding album by connecting for a personal consultation. H3: Connect for a Personal Consultation

Take the first step towards your dream wedding album by connecting for a personal consultation. This is the perfect opportunity to meet your Basingstoke photographer, discuss your vision, and ensure you’re the perfect fit for each other. Whether in-person or via video call, this consultation allows you to delve into details, express preferences, and ask any burning questions. They’re all about making you feel comfortable and excited about the photography for your special day. To catch a glimpse of past wedding venues and photography styles, click the images below to see real wedding stories — we get to work at some fabulous venues up and down the country.

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What truly sets Basingstoke photographers apart is their bespoke documentary style, blending spontaneity with elegance to narrate your love story. Coupled with their fervent dedication to capturing genuine emotion and a friendly, approachable demeanour, they deliver a photography experience that’s as memorable as the images they craft. They’re not just about taking pictures—they’re about creating an atmosphere where every photo naturally reflects your day’s joy and splendour.

Absolutely! You have the freedom to customise your wedding photography package to fit your needs perfectly. Basingstoke photographers offer flexibility in their services, allowing you to tailor coverage, select specific shoot locations, and choose your desired album styles. They’re here to ensure that your package aligns with your vision for the day, so feel free to share your ideas and watch them come to life through stunning photography.

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