Given the fast-paced nature of the job and the very personal and intimate nature of a wedding ceremony, photographers often find that every job is different when they leave the wedding photography studio and head to the venue to capture moments of magic.

Much like the bride and groom, the photographer does not get many opportunities to stop, typically taking pictures throughout the ceremony and reception, although this varies depending on the needs of the particular couple.

One photographer, Julien, captured the moment when he was eating alone during a wedding as part of a light-hearted trend about times when people eat alone.

The video has since garnered over 4.1m views on TikTok and sparked a debate about how wedding photographers should be treated during a wedding day, with a fascinating spectrum of replies.

Whilst there were some that were less than sympathetic, the majority of people who discussed the topic noted that they had been made aware of something that often gets missed in the excitement and freneticism of the big day, whilst others appreciated his photography.

According to an interview with PetaPixel, he claimed that whilst it was something he and other photographers had noted as a less fun aspect of photographing a wedding, the video was light-hearted and it was not a requirement to have a seat at the table.

With that said, he did also note that it was a nice gesture? that showed appreciation for the photographer and it was nice to chat with people during their downtime rather than remaining isolated and away from the rest of the festivities.

The majority of commentators agreed, saying that they would reserve a seat for the photographer at their upcoming wedding, telling stories about wholesome interactions or otherwise expressing sympathy or expressing appreciation for capturing the biggest day in many people’s lives.

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