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How many photos should a wedding photographer take?

Wedding photography is a special art, one that’s too often overlooked. As the photographer, your job is to preserve irreplaceable memories which the couple will treasure. But calculating how many photos you should take isn't always an easy task; it's largely dependent on factors such as the size of the venue, number of guests and overall size of the wedding. To ensure that every little detail is recorded, this blog provides guidance and advice on what shots to get and how to make sure they're captured perfectly.

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How many photos does the average wedding photographer take?

On average, a wedding photographer will take somewhere in the region of 1500 and 5,000 images during the special day. This could appear ample, however it is important to bear in mind that several shots of the same scene will be taken by the photographer to make sure that they get exactly what they were looking for. In total, you should receive around 500-700 photographs from your wedding photography service.

What is the difference between a candid and posed photo?

For wedding photography, there are two types of shots: candid and posed. Candid photos are taken without the subject's knowledge or permission and can give the image a natural and authentic feel. Posed shots, however, occur when the subject is aware of their presence in the frame and have agreed to be photographed. Posed shots may appear more formalized - not necessarily as a bad thing though, as they can also look timeless - but either way it comes down to personal taste. Do you want your photographs to look natural and impromptu? Or more traditional? It all depends on what sort of atmosphere you want your wedding photos to evoke.

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Tips for taking great wedding photos

Before the wedding day, get to know your photographer well and discuss your desired outcome for the photos. Make sure there's plenty of time set aside for photography on the day and consider creating a shot list to ensure all your most important moments are covered. Throughout the day, stay in contact with your photographer to let them know of any special snaps you'd like taken; then, simply sit back and enjoy yourself - the more relaxed you are, the better your photos will be!

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Choosing the ideal wedding photographer is imperative. Ask the photographer how many photographs they intend to take on your nuptial day. This will aid you in guaranteeing there's an abundance of images to immortalize each moment of your day without going over-budget or being left with too many photos. By heeding these insights, picking your wedding photographer should be simpler and more gratifying!

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