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Part 1 Documentary Wedding Photographer Guide for better pictures

Easy tips to get better pictures

If you are reading this guide that means that your wedding photos are important to you and you are aware that, besides your wedding photographer choice there are many factors that can change the quality of your wedding photos and that the final result is depending on you as well.

This guide is not intended to make the wedding photographer's job easier, but it describes the real-life situations that we are facing on almost every wedding.

We will tell you how to avoid things that may jeopardise the quality of your wedding photos and we encourage you to remember at least some of them.

We can assure you that the outcome will be worth the effort.

General tips for the Big Day:

Try to get a good sleep the night before the wedding. Swollen red eyes can not be hidden with makeup. Annoyance and sleepiness are also noticeable and do not serve the purpose well and even the best wedding photographer can not do anything about your tiredness.

Do not leave everything to the last minute and furthermore do not work till late the night before. If you can not do something on time, ask friends or family to help you.

You should really be aware that one way or another everything is going to be just fine. Accept that fact and do not be stressed by details. Instead, try to think of your wedding day as a beautiful experience full of emotions instead of a stressful and exhausting event.

Try not to think all the time that the photographer is now photographing you and pose or wave to a camera every time when the photographer is nearby.

Smile at each other and at your guests and enjoy everything. This is your day, not your uncle who dislikes the food. You should remember that you can not please everybody.

 documentary wedding photographer
documentary wedding photographer

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