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Part 2: Bride Preparations – Tips from Photographer London

Bride preparations - Tips from the Wedding Photographer

Bride preparations can be very interesting.

Before having your hair done make sure that you are wearing a top which is easy to take off without destroying your hairstyle or makeup. Remember that your clothes should be nice looking as you will have them on for your preparations pictures.

Do not wear anything which can leave marks on your skin (like tight socks)  - you do not want to have red shackle marks on your ankles.


Take your wedding dress from the cover in advance and hang it in a place which is accessible to the photographer. Nothing will happen to the dress throughout a couple of hours and if you leave it in a plastic bag it will gather electrostatic.

During dressing, some brides put a cloth on their face to avoid staining the dress with makeup. It is a very unattractive complication sometimes recommended by wedding dress salons, which based on our experience as photographers is not justified at all.

Do not forget to use perfumes, but mind your facial expression. 99% of brides are making strange grimaces for no reason. This moment is very attractive for the documentary wedding photographer to catch.

If it turns out that the groom is already waiting and you are still not dressed, the worst thing to do is to start panicking. Do not allow the stress to take control. They are not going to start without you anyway 🙂

Shut the door to the preparation room and leave only one person who will help you with the dress (mum, sister, friend) and remember that telling the photographer to stop taking the pictures will not speed up things.

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