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Tips for Posing Wedding Photographer London

Tips for Posing - Wedding Photographer London

It is crucial to pose correctly in front of the camera.  We have been photographers since 2010, so over that time we have gathered a lot of experience regarding tips for posing for wedding couples.

We all hate the word pose. We try to avoid it as much as possible, but the truth is that posing nowadays means something completely different in wedding photography. It is a very demanding and stressful part of the wedding day for the wedding photographer in London, as well as for the bride and groom. That is why we would like to share with you some of our tips in that regard.

Bride and Groom as well as their families are expecting beautiful pictures (they are the only keepsake of their big day) and even when not everything is ideal (we can't predict the weather, lighting or interiors design) every wedding photographer must always put his best efforts to show the beauty, regardless of what the circumstances are. That is why remembering a few basic poses is so important. It will allow you to be less stressed and will give you confidence, that these photos will be very cool. The key is to remember that poses should be simple but different.

Wedding photographer London

First example:  the bride and groom are standing next to each other and looking straight at the camera. From this pose we can quickly move to the next one - all we need to do is to ask them to look into each other's eyes. In most cases, the couple will start smiling or will even kiss. When that happens it is a very good moment to take some beautiful, full of emotional shots, which are the real essence of wedding photographer London. Look at the following example:

wedding photography London posing
wedding photographer London

From this pose, it is really easy to move to another simple but beautiful pose. All you need to do is ask the bride to cuddle into the groom. To make it even more romantic you can ask them both to close their eyes. Have a look at the following example:

wedding photographer London
wedding photographer London Indian wedding

As you certainly noticed, from just one base pose plus a few minor modifications you can create many different looks.

This is another example:

wedding photographer London in park
wedding photographer London - Bushy Park, Hampton Court

We could multiply examples of different photos taken using just one pose with some minor changes. It all depends on the wedding photographer's invention and creativity.

That is why I'm going to move to another very important pose - walking. It is a very easy and 100 per cent sure way to create lovely photographs.

wedding photographer in London
wedding photographer London in the park

All you need to do is just ask them to walk a few steps forward.

If they have anything with them like an umbrella or balloons it is a good time to use them.

Here we can suggest they look at each other, which is a very simple way to get beautiful and natural wedding photography.

It is also a perfect moment to catch in the frame the beautiful smile of the bride or her unforgettable glance at the groom. At the end of the photo shoot, we will have very emotional and natural wedding photos and from our experience, we can tell that this is very important for every bride and groom.

Another and last pose is a sitting pose. It is important because this pose is very different from the previous ones and it provides great possibilities for the wedding photographer in London.

wedding photographer London

It is extremely useful when it's raining outside (which often happens in the UK) and the wedding photographer is limited to the interiors of the venue because at the end of the day, there would be no greater tragedy than a destroyed or dirty wedding dress.

Remember that you can use this pose, even when the venue or hotel interior is very ascetic. In such cases, the stairs are a real rescue. You will find stairs in almost every building and the picture of the bride and groom sitting on the stairs always look fantastic.

wedding photographer london
wedding photographer London

That was a very brief explanation of how a photographer can use just 3 basic poses to make a really great photo session. You probably think 3 poses are not enough and we agree, but it is always a good start and with small modifications, these 3 basic poses can give you endless possibilities. Their first great advantage is that moving from one pose to another is really quick and they are very easy to modify.  The second advantage is that there are only three of them so you wouldn't have to memorise hundreds of poses which you have seen or read about on the internet, or what is even worse and absolutely far from professional to carry them printed with you.

Using these 3 poses is a very easy way for a quick photo session with natural and romantic results.

We hope that this article will be somehow useful and will make the work in the wedding photography industry a little bit easier.

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