Wedding - what do the bride do

What does a bride do on her wedding day?

What is a bride really doing on her wedding day?

Wedding days are arguably some of the most anticipated days in every woman's life. From start to finish, it represents a culmination of dreams, hopes and aspirations meticulously planned over time by both parties involved. So as a would-be bride about to tie the knot with a love-of-her-life partner how do you make sure everything runs without hitches? Worry not; let us take you behind-the-scenes today!

In this post, we'll demystify what happens on your wedding day giving insight from critical planning phases down to essential steps towards ensuring an unforgettable ceremony devoid of problems or worries.

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Waking up and start of the preparations

As the day of her wedding dawns, the bride awakens with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Rising before daybreak, she indulges in a leisurely shower and swathes herself in luxurious body lotion. With care and deliberation, she selects her bridal gown and accompanying accessories, dedicating extra time to perfecting her hair and makeup. Once satisfied with her appearance, she joins her bridal party for a light breakfast - bonding over past memories shared and basking in a moment of serene camaraderie. The wedding day is an unforgettable affair for a bride.


It's a day when she will share her joy and anticipation with everyone present there. To infuse some fun into this grand event, brides usually begin their big day by partaking in traditional practices such as having breakfast surrounded by family and friends. This time spent together serves as an energizing yet calming ritual and offers an opportunity for loved ones to shower affection on the bride.

Getting ready

Another noteworthy event on this momentous day is getting dressed in her wedding gown.

Without any doubt, it ranks atop every bride's list of cherished moments from their big days - It’s a moment so precious that no words could describe how enthralling it feels! In preparation for their big day, each member of the bridal party gets dolled up in their sharpest attire while displaying radiant smiles. Each bridesmaid will be captured in a unique pose next to a blushing bride-to-be! The Maid of Honor is honoured by standing alongside the happy couple throughout these memorable moments. This dreamy photo session is an unforgettable opportunity to look back upon cherished memories that will last forever.

Walking down the aisle

The sound of hushed whispers fills the room as guests watch eagerly for a glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle. With each confident step, she radiates beauty and elegance while clutching tightly to whoever is escorting her. This symbolic walk represents more than just tradition- it's a pledge to spend forever with someone who truly makes you feel loved.

Wedding Ceremony

Standing tall at the end of the aisle dressed in white lace, every eye focuses on the blushing bride who has come to say her solemn vows before God or whoever they worship. A lump forms in her throat as she declares that she would spend all eternity with her lover by exchanging rings before finally sealing it off with an intimate kiss. The words spoken between a bride and groom during their wedding ceremony hold great meaning - perhaps none greater than when exchanging vows before witnesses on this sacred day.

Black and white - Happiness

This deeply personal expression of commitment serves as an emblematic rite of passage into married life; forever recalling memories from when two hearts first joined together with mutual affection & admiration for one another's qualities which eventually led us here today at this unforgettable moment! A beloved wedding custom is having a ring bearer accompany the bride down the aisle with her rings in hand. This touching gesture reflects both couples' commitment to one another as they begin this new chapter in their lives together. However, before tying the knot becomes official, couples need to make sure they sign their marriage certificate as well.

Once signed, this essential document will be filed with the proper authorities, legally cementing them together for life. What could be more magical than sharing your first dance with your soulmate? For this couple now joined in holy matrimony, nothing surpasses the feeling of swaying in each other's embrace amid cheers from adoring guests. It’s a dream come true to experience such unconditional love which brings warmth to both their hearts. As soon as the formal proceedings are over, brides get a chance to take a breather and swap their outfits out for something more comfortable or refresh their hairdo.

This window is essential for making sure everything looks perfect when you step onto that dance floor later at night!

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