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Why pre-wedding photo sessions are becoming so popular?

Why pre-wedding photo sessions are becoming so popular?


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Today, many photographers offer pre-wedding shoots, usually as a stand-alone service or as part of their wedding package. Surrey wedding photographer Peter from Umbrella Studio explains why having one is so beneficial.


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A pre-wedding shoot can be a relaxing event that allows you to get away and spend some quality time with your partner. You'll also get the chance to experience some photos with an experienced wedding photographer during this time, which will allow you to focus on each other for a bit of engagement and fun.


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It can be difficult to get over the fear of being photographed, but it's possible to learn how to start enjoying being photographed.


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Pre-wedding photography is a great idea for any nervous bride or groom, as it provides a great opportunity to get used to having their picture taken. Since couples don't often take pictures of themselves, you'll likely find that this type of shoot includes a large number of shots that are mostly of the couple.


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If you're scheduled to get married soon and don't know what to do with your hands in photos or how to look natural, a pre-wed shoot will help.

Weddings can be an emotional time for everyone, especially the bride and groom. Likewise, it's easy to feel nervous when you're in front of a camera--whether it's a big one or your phone. But once you get guidance from an experienced photographer, all that nervousness is gone in no time.


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If you want to have a healthy, happy relationship, it's important to know and understand yourself and your partner.

Walking hand in hand, a hug, intent eye contact and a kiss. These are the things that many couples don't do as often in public spaces because they're so used to it at home. But doing them with your partner will make you feel more relaxed and get the shots flowing like clockwork after about twenty minutes. You'll learn something new about yourself and your partner too.

Your shoot location is what captures the romance and that perfect feeling of an unforgettable moment.


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Surrey is a picturesque English county with a plethora of beautiful views. Your photographer can help you find the perfect location for your photos, and can even recommend time periods for your photo sessions to provide you with the best experience. An especially popular time to visit Surrey, as the weather is great from September to October when leaves start to change colour. The flowers from January to July are spectacular and make for amazing backdrops. In addition, there are plenty of parks, commons, National Trust properties and beautiful wedding venues that will provide you with so many breath-taking scenes. With our professional photography service, we offer you memories that will last a lifetime - memories that you'll always cherish.

If you’re getting married, practising is important!


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At the end of each session, the wedding photographer will provide you with a solid understanding of who you both are. This knowledge will ensure that on your wedding day, everything will go more smoothly and without any anxiety or apprehension. With the photographer's understanding, it is guaranteed to be a better experience for everyone involved.

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