Woldingham Golf Club wedding of Liane & Andreas

Woldingham Golf Club Wedding Photographers

Today we would like to present Liane and Andreas and their perfect day in Woldingham Golf Club wedding venue. Lots of fun, true emotions, wonderful light and weather and of course outstanding venue of Woldingham Golf Club in Surrey. Thanks so much for having us as your wedding photographers.

Kindly please, enjoy the photos!

A few words about the Woldingham Golf Club for the brides considering it as their wedding venue:

The Woldingham Golf Club wedding venue is located in the heart of Surrey in the beautiful green valley among wonderful English landscapes. The building itself is large and stylish with two entrances ? one downstairs and one upstairs.  When the wedding party arrives at the venue they are using the stairs entrance, which is more impressive and leads straight to the main hall. On the wedding we had the pleasure to photograph, there was a red carpet ready for the bride and groom. When the wedding party arrives at the venue, they are greeted with the champagne and they proceed to the stairs and large patio on the upper level. The cocktail hour is on the patio and the staff is very fast, professional and helpful. The Woldingham Golf club wedding venue has also a ceremony room and is it fully licensed for civil ceremonies. Because Liane and Andreas went for the church ceremony, we can not tell you much about the ceremony room. The wedding breakfast is served in the lovely spacious room which is very bright, which is great for every wedding photographer who loves to work in a natural beautiful light. The same room is used for the first dance (it is a split space with a division wall). The dancing floor is next to the bar, which serves drinks to the wedding guests. The guests can use the balconies and patio as well. The Woldingham Golf club wedding venue is located on the golf course, so you can expect some people will play golf in the background, unfortunately. The staff of the Woldingham Golf Club is very friendly and allowed us to use the golf buggies to get to the wedding photo shoot. The club offers a lot of lovely spots, which are a wonderful backdrop for any wedding images. We can recommend the Woldingham Golf Club wedding venue for any bride and groom, especially with the larger number of guest (the venue can accommodate up to 300 seated guests). The venue has a similar character to the Hedsor House.


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  • Łukasz Ostrowski
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    Pięknie wykonany reportaż. Moje gratulacje 😉

  • Karolina
    9th September 2015 at 20:01 http://a%20rel='nofollow'%20class='comment-reply-link'%20href='#comment-310'%20data-commentid=310%20data-postid=14469%20data-belowelement=comment-310%20data-respondelement=respond%20data-replyto=Reply%20to%20Karolina%20aria-label='Reply%20to%20Karolina'%20-%20Reply/a

    Amazing photos. Congratulations!

  • Piotr Kraskowski
    22nd November 2015 at 11:09 http://a%20rel='nofollow'%20class='comment-reply-link'%20href='#comment-345'%20data-commentid=345%20data-postid=14469%20data-belowelement=comment-345%20data-respondelement=respond%20data-replyto=Reply%20to%20Piotr%20Kraskowski%20aria-label='Reply%20to%20Piotr%20Kraskowski'%20-%20Reply/a

    Świetny materiał Piotrze !!!
    Great set !!

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