Getting married is, for many people, one of the biggest days of their lives, full of emotion, pageantry, devotion, care and happiness, captured by a wedding photography studio to cherish forever.

However, unlike most weddings on television, almost all of the time the happy couple will make it through in one piece.

This is often less of the case with television weddings, which are often huge television events that get considerable attention and are talked about for years to come.

With that in mind, here are some of the most notable fictional weddings from the world of television.

The One With Ross’s Wedding

Criticisms of how badly Friends treated Great Britain aside, Ross Wedding to Emily was a huge television event, not so much for the ceremony or what happened but what didn’t happen because of what Ross accidentally said during the wedding vows.

Given how much the show is dominated by the will-they-won’t they – romance between Ross and Rachel, this episode is remembered in hindsight as the point the Rube Goldberg machine that is their romance set in motion again.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Carla and Turk from the sitcom Scrubs were a great example of seeing a couple’s entire journey from the first hello to the wedding to married life, and how great couples work to make it work.

Whilst the initial ceremony is cancelled, the makeshift wedding at the hospital they both work at is not only appropriate but really rather sweet.

Scott And Charlene’s Wedding

Now that Australian soap sensation Neighbours is no longer with us, it is easy to look back at

the wedding of Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue as arguably the soaps biggest highlight, pulling in 20m viewers at the time and even long after the fact still fondly remembered in the annals of memorable TV moments.

This may be in part because Neighbours kept relying on that moment, alluding to it pretty much every time the soap had a wedding afterwards.

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